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Как путешествовать дешево: 21 совет путешествовать по миру с ограниченным бюджетом | Сорель Аморе

Как путешествовать дешево: Советы для путешествий по миру с ограниченным бюджетом.

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Часто ли вы просматриваете свой социальный канал, мечтаете о далеких землях, вдохновляете фотографированием и изменяющими жизнь приключениями? Потом ты просыпаешься и проверяешь свой банковский счет… черт побери.

Путешествие с ограниченным бюджетом является сложной задачей для многих людей, и, к сожалению, может удержать некоторых потенциальных странников от знакомства с этой невероятной планетой. Чтобы помочь вам получить максимальную отдачу от вашего путешествия, вот 21 гений путешественника, когда вы сломали AF.


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Много любви к тебе всегда.

Сорель Аморе

PS. Подписывайся!


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  • Aaaaand if you are travelling within Europe, travel by train! Better for the environment & often cheaper!

  • Stolen lands surrounded by a huge wall banning the original people from living on their country became a tourist destination seriousely??

  • I think if anyone had time or money to book earlier or go in the winter or other unpopular time they would do it .so it sad to hear that 😑

  • THANKYOU for the tip about private windows. Literally never heard of that or thought of it. Using the tip rn in fact ✈️🙌

  • https://youtu.be/QvncnhN1zio

    Check out my new travellll vloggggg

  • my advice, work hard and save up a lot for a vacation you are gonna enjoy. Budget out rental car, hotel and airfare. Also budget out money for food during flights. and then also budget a balance of fancy meals and cheap ones.

  • omg Sorelle, if you're not taking advantage of miles, you are seriously missing out. I have flown round trip, first class, to Brazil… also flew first to Peru. miles are so great!

  • I always bring my air ticket on https://ticketsells.com
    Cheapest fare for flight and hotels

  • I'd love for you to do a video on which places to go for different months, like all the places. Fly/visit such and such in June, or whatever. That's be great! 😀

  • Outstanding video.I really loved watching it.
    Keep going .subbed you.
    I will welcome it if you give some love back please 🙂🙏😃 ❤&✌

  • Good tips! But actually flying to smaller airports can be a lot cheaper compared to the "main ones". However, usually only super cheap airlines (i.e. Ryanair) fly to them and it's trickier to get to the actual city.

  • Thank you Sorelle. Love the way you shar and what you share. You make me smile when watching and listening to your tips and advises. 🙂 🙂

  • My college ID doesn’t have an expiration date so I always take it with me…and I look way younger than I am. So I always ask if there’s a student or young person discount. 9 times out of 10 they take my word for it and don’t ask for ID.

  • 1 and 18 are massive. Didn’t even have to use a VPN, just chose UK vs US and saved US$120 on the SAME EXACT flight. I was gobsmacked and triple checked the pounds to dollars exchange rate and used a credit card that doesn’t charge international fees.

  • great tips and info , thanks so much but wow you Americans talk so fast I gad to keep rewinding the video lol…cheers

  • I went to Costa Rica during the rainy season and it was amazing. We went on excursion during the day and never got wet. It also only rains for about 30 minutes in the evening then your done for the day. It's very affordable. If you go through a travel agent, you can get some good all inclusive deals during the rainy season. The people there are friendly, the crime rate is very low and the food is amazingly fresh. The food taste like they went out side pull it off a tree and put it on your plate.

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  • What if someone in a Hostel steals from me while I'm sleeping? Like my phone & Camera gear while they're charging?

  • Do you have a donation page, cuz i wanna give you money so you can feed yourself better and perhaps grow a little fat.

  • https://www.quora.com/How-do-some-people-afford-to-travel-so-often-if-they-are-not-wealthy

  • Im from india …. i just watched ur videos nd u influenced me so much… u r fun exciting nd loving… only thing is tht im not allowed to travel alone bt i wish i was like u😕

  • Is it worth it to register for frequent flyer miles? Won't the websites charge me more if I'm not browsing from an incognito window? There's no point in using an incognito window if I have to log in with a username and password (for frequent flyer miles) to the website right?