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Сколько стоит путешествие по миру? | Бюджет RTW Trip Guide

Сколько действительно стоит путешествовать по миру за один год? В этом видео Алекс и Марко-бродяги дают вам инструменты, которые вам нужны для бюджета на один год путешествия по всему миру.

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  • https://abroadfornow.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/the-decision/ — how this young couple quit their lucrative jobs in NYC and went to travel the world

  • Working towards traveling for 2 years around the world starting January of next year!!! I would agree $20k is enough to be comfortable and not miss out on activities avoiding the most expensive areas.

  • to me working while travelling defeats the purpose of travel and vacationing. I work 9-5 6 days a week. So when i take a couple weeks off to go somewhere, i want to comfortable, eating, living and riding in the finest i can afford without breaking the bank.

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  • you can do some crypto-trading while on travel also, but you have to learn it first, so you know its profitable, but 2019 is THE best year to buy in and 3years from now, you will be able to travel wherever you want. Be sure to thank me later if you notice the potential of this info!

  • Im 16 and i dream about traveling the world. But what age is the best for doing it?☺

  • great stuff. i appreciate the estimates, particularly 18-22,000/yr for around the world, but avoiding the most expensive locations in western europe, etc. i'm trying to come up with a travel and living overseas budget now and comparing it to my current cost of living per year in NE TN near the world famous Appalachian trail. i can generate income via the laptop, so anything cheaper than my current budget is gravy, investments, or party money.

  • QUESTIONNNN , is the one year travel ticket only for Americans ? or is it an international thing? ..never heard of it .. awesome idea but I am not American , thanks in advance

  • Oh, and I forgot to answer your other questions. Yes I totally thought that your findings were a lot cheaper than I thought.

  • Loved the video! I am ready to do this again — 25 years later (25 year hiatus raising a family) . So here are my long ago experiences that may be worth looking into. I hopped aboard a tall ship as a deck hand and sailed from England to Australia. We stopped in the Madeira Islands, the Canaries, Cape Verde Islands, Brazil, (almost Tristan da Cuna — but the weather was too rough), So. Africa, Mauritius, and finally reaching Australia stopping in Freemantle and then ending up in Sydney. There are still quite a few ships out there (especially out of Australia but some in the US) ) where you can either get paid a stipend or negotiate to work for travel. There are many stops along the way and you may have the opportunity to work for different ships from one place to another. Its a small community of sailors and they all pretty much know each other.
    My other thought was was considering container ships — sometimes they have space for travelers or at least they used to. Also, Vagabrothers, you totally skipped Africa! There are quite a few non-conflict areas to explore.

  • What about just flying with a backpack carry on as a minimalist with clothes enough for a week?

  • Does anyone here know what are some cheap (and relatively healthy) ways to eat in USA? I got cheap flight, accommodation and transport idea. It's just food that I still can't figure out. And is eating from bins really safe or is that a myth? Thanks for your attention. Cheers.

  • The fact the bare minimum backpacker budget is 20k makes it demotivating. Especially since 20k can take a lifetime to save. Has anyone traveled with that amount of comfortably?

  • Well these are the same guys with a $140 passport holder haha. I little bit of a credibility issue.

  • Spot on. I'm spending around $25/day in Asia and $45/day in Europe. Have visited 20 countries so far but none outside these two continents. Not using the round-trip ticket since I'm an Indian citizen and need to go back to India for each visa application (weak passport holder expense)

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  • FYI — For a family of 4 (housing, food, transportation) we spent about $70 per day in SE Asia, $100 in China, $220 in Singapore, $160 in Japan, $200 in Australia, $200 in New Zealand. You could do it more cheaply but we were staying at Airbnb's not hostels which accounted for the majority of the daily cost. To stay on budget we spent more time in SE Asia and less time in other, more expensive, countries. The cost of food in Australia and New Zealand was expensive. *Not including airfare between countries.

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  • I want to travel so bad, and I make about 3000/ a month and once I pay off my debt my bills/rent are going to be around 750/month. I’m about to work saturdays too for that overtime and save every dollar I make.

  • I used sometimes Blablacar in Europe. It's like an airBnb for cars. so you can share one with people traveling the same route. Cheaper than a long distance bus

  • Hello, can someone drop the link to the video that shows you how to travel more slowly around the world, while working along the way?

  • I'm 17, planning to start traveling the world as soon as i finish highschool, in 6 months!! Can't wait!! 😁

  • need at least 100,000 bucks — for whiskey, vodka (in Russia) wine, beer, hotels, hire-car, prostitutes, flights all over the place, and bribes to get out of prison after being busted.