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Как я могу сэкономить деньги и позволить себе путешествовать по миру 💸

Привет, красивые души! Сегодня мы говорим все о деньгах, и я делюсь с вами тем, как я экономлю деньги и позволяю путешествовать по миру ♡ Это тема, которую я хотел обсудить некоторое время, и я искренне надеюсь, что вы найдете это полезным в каким-то образом 🙂 Отправляя вам всю мою любовь, всегда знайте, что вы настолько глубоко достойны всего изобилия, что ваша душа желает ♡ хх


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  • Hi beautiful friends, I hope you are all well today, sending lots of love your way❤️ Thank you so much for your support and love on this video so far, this is a topic that I have wanted to talk about for a while, and it means the world to know that it can shift your mindset and relationship towards money for the better. You are abundant, you are rich, you are worthy of all that you desire, and the power to attract abundance lies within you. Treat money the way you treat yourself and others- with love and respect. Be grateful for all that you already have, keep giving without expectation, and always know that the universe is infinitely abundant. If you have any questions, you're welcome to bring it up! Have a wonderful day♡

  • ❤❤❤ now it is 5:19am in my country. I watch your videos in morning. It help me get energy to welcome a new day😊. Thank you 😘

  • You're rich girl.. we're not.. if money flows easily to you or whatever u do to manifest it gets real.. is because you're rich in the first place. For me, I'm not and if I want to manifest it .. I need like 2 years manifestations to get to 1% of what you have. Bless you anyway, you seem kind

  • I think most people love money… but there will never be enough if you always want more.

  • Omg ! 😲
    You are such an amazing person………👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Hello beautiful thank you for the inspiring advice do you have a video on how or when you started to be a vegan or.vegetarian

  • You are so young but so enlightening. You inspire me a lot. Please keep on making videos.

  • Very helpful video. Loved every bit of it…do u travel alone? N dear I hv a request for u. I need ur help.. I m a very positive person but my surroundings r full of negativity. I m from India n I live in joint family. I can't ignore those negativity bcz we r family. N my parents are also very negative person due to some reasons. I was used to b a bit negative person but now I m trying to be positive but I hv to struggle alot.. m struggling daily. Plz make a video on that. Ps. I cnt leave my home bcz I hv to tk care of my mom.

  • Jasmine, you’re very intelligent and what you said are exactly like what I have been reading about financial success. I really like your videos. They are very inspiring and informative. 💗 Keep up the good work! I’m your subscriber now. 🙂

  • I love how absolutely positive you are always. I am trying to be more optimistic and positive and you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you, Jasmine. Lysm. XD

  • I feel the more money you make the more money you can save. I mean, some people really don't have much and maybe mantras alone don't help them to have more money. I'm lucky enough to have a job and steady income. I've been able to save more by meal prepping and cutting unnecessary purchases. I like your headline that simply states how you save money instead of how to save money. You always approach different subjects from different points of view and positively and I like that. What I personally feel were the best things I got from this video was the reminder that when you give more, you get more, and I should track my money, too.

  • It is easier for the people from rich countries like Australia to travel the world coz they earn relatively more and they travel to places that are cheaper. If I wanted to save 10% of my income I would visit Australia in 10 years… but anyways I cant save it for the trips coz i have to save it for other important stuff…

  • Hi Jasmine!Thank you for being so encouraging as always!我是从去年年初开始看你的视频的,那时我在为A level备考压力真的特别大,每晚晚自习结束从学校走回家的那10分钟路程都是你这些鼓励的话语陪我度过的。就是特别特别喜欢你,也感谢你~现在我是大学生啦,下个星期有好多的due assignments,还有各科mid mid term,好久没打开youtube了,一看你的视频又身心舒畅了不少~谢谢你这善良暖心如天使的存在~

  • I agree with you Jasmine😃 your love and wisdom are always inspiring to me. Also I do believe that practicing gratitude can make us think that we are rich in every aspect.💕

  • Still, it must be nice to have that youtuber money. You are making more than A LOT of people your age and even those older than you. It's a completely different world and a lot of youtubers get estranged from the 'normal' financial life the rest of us have. Not having to do things like retail or work for shitty companies is a massive privilege. And not having to worry about being able to pay your bills or rent.

  • Money is a difficult topic to discuss, but somehow it comes so easily out of your mouth 🙂 To attract money a person has to value money. When money are valued, they appreciate and gain more value. Enjoyed this video very much!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video. Every time I would think that I want more money I would instantly regret it and make "excuses". Even though I had already started working on my relationship with money your video definitely helped me a lot 🌻🌻 You are wonderful 🌸🌸
    P. S. This shirt looks incredible on you 💖💖