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Продажа всего, чтобы путешествовать по миру | Встреча с сотрудником ВайнерМедиа

Сегодня у меня была встреча с сотрудником VaynerMedia, и я думаю, что это действительно поможет многим из вас задуматься … Принимая важные жизненные изменения и решения, всегда намного лучше сделать это раньше, чем позже.

Спасибо за просмотр этого видео. Я надеюсь, что вы будете в курсе ежедневных видео, которые я публикую на канале, подпишитесь и поделитесь своими знаниями с теми, кому это нужно услышать. Ваши комментарии — мой кислород, поэтому, пожалуйста, подождите секунду и скажите «Привет»;).

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Гари Вайнерчук — серийный предприниматель, генеральный директор и основатель VaynerMedia, цифрового агентства полного цикла, обслуживающего клиентов из списка Fortune 500 в 4 точках компании. Гэри также является многообещающим публичным оратором, венчурным капиталистом, 4-хкратным автором бестселлеров New York Times и был включен в списки Крейна и Фортуны до 40 лет.

Гэри является ведущим #AskGaryVee Show, видео-шоу и подкаста, посвященного вопросам бизнеса и маркетинга, а также DailyVee, серией документов, в которой рассказывается о том, каково быть генеральным директором, инвестором, докладчиком и публичной фигурой в современную цифровую эпоху. ,

Обязательно следите за последним проектом Гэри «Планета приложений», самой первой серией видео от Apple, где Гэри является судьей вместе с Will.I.Am, Джессикой Альбой и Гвинет Пэлтроу.

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  • I m so thankful that u will Travel Nepal…ITs heaven..Its everest..Its meditation..Its you cant describe..

  • I don't know what exactly it is, But the way Gary treated her is not even like an employee. This video struck me as I see the deeper caring Gary side. I just love it. And sure would replicate the respect you've done here. Thank you for being here to inspire me and everyone here in this era.

  • What a great boss. Garyvee truly cares about his employees. Very rare these days to find a work environment that employer cares about their employees.

  • wow!!! She's doing what I wanna do!!!! Gary is DOPE he's like GO IMMEDIATELY 😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • GV needs to start another branch of Vayner that teaches companies upper management how to be real fuking leaders.

  • Feels like caring has become a lost art from the people at the top. Still people like GV around to combat it

  • I was watching Warren Buffett’s HBO documentary and he said

    “the chains of habit are too light to feel until they are too heavy to be broken.”

    I don’t remember if that was his quote or if he was quoting someone else. However, it is TRUTH!

    Good luck to her!

  • The whole "I don't believe in this whole graduate, get a job thing…" thing is a smoke screen for "I don't know what to do with myself, I 'm lost and lack direction, possibly have fomo from all the IG influencers I follow."
    Having travelled a bunch and met a lot of people who are/have travelled, it's almost always the case that person is just putting off making a decision.
    But I guess you can't know that until you go through it.

  • I'm amazed at how supportive Gary V was. Told her to go do it and that there was always a spot for her at Vayner if she wanted it she she got back. Did I hear that right? Yeah I did… amazing.

  • As my plans to travel started to manifest (i.e. buying plane tickets) I started to see some content from Gary saying 20 year olds like me should go travel. I had already moved back in with my Dad and was working as many hours as I could for 6 months to try to save money. The entire time most of my family was telling me I shouldn't do it and that school is a safer option. I think I would've gone anyway but it made it much easier to have someone I consider a mentor pushing me to follow my gut.

  • Mann her life changing travel plans really reminds me of my own plans of disconnecting to the world for year as well… This may be a sign.

  • Ive been travelling around for the past year and am continuing to do so this year into next. Sometimes it feels like putting the focus away from my career to do this is the wrong thing to be doing, but then I remember I have so much damn time to move up in my career, and that traveling may not directly help my career now but in the future it will. Ive been an Animator for the past 4 years. Learning and seeing new things are never a a bad thing in the creative industry. Just like you always say Gary, Patience and focus on the long term.

  • 3:273:56 Ive watched this several times and I still don't understand, like I know it's just do what you want to do. But what is it that we get taught?What way are we learning? Trying to wrap my head around that but can't seem to. Anybody that understood please share some light! I'd appreciate it!

  • I left college immediately after graduating and started traveling. I started a digital agency along the way! Best decision I ever made 🙌🏼

  • Andrea have a Travelushious journey , as your are embarking on this passage in living awareness and eventual destinations, with Gary cheering you!

  • YES. I'm 23 and quitting my first corporate job after college was the best decision i've ever made. i traveled the world and not only explored, but was able to find myself and now i know what i truly want to do. love this.

  • Everyone thought I was batshit crazy for going to Thailand by myself after a series of unfortunate events occurred in quick succession In my life. Best fucking idea I’ve ever had to fulfill this long-time dream. I applaud her desire to help people and I sincerely appreciate you being supportive of her following what the fuck she thinks is right to do for her gain clarity about life and LIVE IT. You’re such an a badass guiding light.

  • I'm amazed at how supportive you are of her and how you genuinely wanted to help her in her new chapter.

  • Love this… great story. Wishing her the best. She'll crush it.