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Как получить оплату, чтобы путешествовать по миру — станьте влияющим на путешествия!

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Если вы когда-нибудь хотели узнать больше о том, как на самом деле работает мир онлайн-влияния, это видео даст основную пробежку. Короче говоря, предприятия отдают свои маркетинговые бюджеты в руки «влиятельных людей», людей с небольшой целевой аудиторией в различных нишах. Так что если вы когда-нибудь хотели быть своим собственным боссом, заниматься любимым делом, то стать влиятельным человеком может быть только для вас. Мы собираемся загрузить мир знаний на наш канал YouTube и более подробно рассказать, как стать влиятельным туристом, как все это работает, и как вы можете это сделать!

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  • Hello. My wife and I are a travel blogging team. We have collaborated with businesses; Hershey Park PA, Busch Gardens FL, and more.

    We are looking to branch out to Area outside of the US. We are both semi-retired and working as Travel Bloggers full time. Any assistance would be great! Thanks!!

  • mine instagram @mertcanozluk I'm hitchhiker I have lots of travel photos and many hashtags but no more followers 😀

  • How do you reach out to these brands? because ive had brands offer me to give me clothes for example, or instead of giving me i get 25% off and then to promote them, how do i get something for free and get paid for it? i feel awkward oh hey i need to be paid though.

  • So if I pitched to say one Hotel chain and get accepted, can I pitch to a different chain and promote them as well. I feel the first one would be a bit pissed off.

  • Thanks for this video! I'm about to start my channel soon since I already have a photography job/blog.

  • What if you are interested in multiple areas. For example travel, Latin ballroom dance and food? This all coming from a couples YouTube channel? The focus of the couples channel would the marriage and doing all of these things together in addition to the good times and the bad times and how to get through it.

  • Well, we have almost 40.000 Followers and a blog and most people don't even answer our Mails when we write them about working together…

  • okay so what should i do if i have more then one neach? i am a fitness guy but i also care about fashion for example and i do photography soo my following is all over the place in difference? should i pick only one neach or i can do everything?

  • I love your videos! I hope to one day be able to travel and get paid for it too, i just can't wait to have that freedom and this awesome lifestyle! I have been to a couple of countries already but before I ever thought about filming and I am so sad I didn't! It wouldve been so great to be back to look back at it and show other people how amazing those countries are! I will for sure go back there so I can record all that I have seen and has inspired me and gave me that feeling of awe! Thank you for sharing your experience and tips on how to approach this kind of online business!

  • But how do you actiualy make the money ?
    I get that you need content and a following but where does the money come from ??!
    Maybe i'm stupid, but everytime i watch a mony making video, the mony making part never comes

  • Alexey, Ryker, and the rest of the team, thank you for giving us so much value and information. We missed your course but we've taken the info you've given us in your free videos and we just landed our first brand deal! We're currently on our dream road trip from California to Whistler Canada and Mountain biking every day. We got it completely paid for and brought on additional sponsors to build up our dream adventure rig. Thank you guys!! I look forward to your next course and will most definitely be signing up for it. We have a lot to learn but you guys have proven to us the possibilities. Cheers

  • Hopefully someday i could resign from my 9-5 work and doing this! Im already starting doing YouTube with this travel, food and toy vlog, God hopefully this will become huge in the future!

    All freedomchaser fellow friend please do visit my channel, lets connect, share each other, learn together and grow together #indonesia #highonlife #dreamlife