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Как получить плату, чтобы путешествовать по миру | Путешествия и советы по ведению блога

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Как мне заплатить, чтобы путешествовать по миру? Какие советы и рекомендации для начинающих блоггеров, писателей и влогеров? Смотрите и узнайте!

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  • Thank you for the tips, most of the tips. I'm already doing the most of it, but will blog more! And more video's on YouTube

  • Love it. I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  • This is really informative and fresh! Thanks for the tips! Here is my account https://www.instagram.com/thecircleofwanders/

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  • Happiness is not a destination but a journey. So say cheeze and be happy. Our 18th video

  • Such an amazing and useful video! You are one inspiring lady! I have recently launched my travel blog ( http://www.country-countdown.com ) so I am super excited to see how it goes!

  • I recently started my own travel blog! Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe at;


  • I absolutely love how honest and relatable you are Oneika! I have been following you for quite some time now and your work is consistently amazing — serious inspiration for me. I write a travel blog: http://www.adventuresofsoph.com and my instagram is @adventuresofsophh. You raised so many good points in this vlog subscribes to channel

  • I think the number one is working for the airline and investing.
    Travel free for life, 75-90% discount on foreign airlines, and flight listing on the fly as I travel.
    56 countries and counting.

  • I don't know if I would consider me a travel blogger, though I just had to see the pyramids, Guatemala, and the rainforests with my own eyes (just to make sure that they were real.) Years ago, I traveled 1st as a flight attendant which got me to Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Croatia and Greece. In between I've created this cute funny puppet series (Sistah Buttahfly and Sistah Monkey), so I'm a just keep creating. Lovely to find your channel while in Guatemala with my Sister. (orig from BK)

  • Great video. Collabos are huge in any niche / industry and definitely help with tapping into audiences that otherwise might not see you. Love your channel overall. Good stuff. Keep inspiring!

  • This is such great advice Oneika! I'm trying my best to "become a beast" at SEO 😂 It's a slow process, but I really appreciate your tips 🙂

  • Good video I just subscribed to your channel :)! do you speak other languages besides English?

  • Great tips. About 85% of my site is travel related, but I find it tough getting travel companies to work with me because I'm so small. I enjoy what I do anyway.

  • Awesome tips girl, I am blogging over at http://www.kimssojourn.com. I just get serious about it.

  • Best advice vlog I've watched so far! Thank you for posting this!

    I do a travel blog/vlog as well! You are so inspiring!