Видео путешествия

Как я могу путешествовать так много ?? Путешествие по миру с ограниченным бюджетом

У меня так много вопросов о том, как я могу путешествовать так же, как я в настоящее время. В этом видео я собираюсь поделиться своим секретом с вами.

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  • Has anyone been to Hawaii and compared it to other beaches around the world? What makes Hawaii unique?

  • Wonderful tips! I loved this video. My family and I try to travel at least 10 times a year but we do it all in the United States. We would love to save enough to start doing more international. Made sure to subscribe to keep up with your adventures.
    Thanks for the great advice!

  • I wish it was as easy as that, just work your ass off and leave to travel. My partner has a toooon of tropical animals which he has to take care of all off the time so a 2 week holiday every now and then is already great. It would be lovely to just leave all responsibility's for a year or something like that and leave but sadly that is not reality for a lot of people. But helpful tips though.

  • the only bad thing is when you actually live in those places where the money is cheaper than the rest of the world, cause when you wanna travel, everything turns out to be 4 times more expensive :(, lucky you live in Germany

    Wenn du nicht weisst was du studieren möchtest, dann lass es einfach bleiben. Ich bin nun 26 und habe viele Freunde, die langsam das Studium abschliessen und ins Berufsleben eintauchen. Sie haben immer noch genauso wenig Ahnung was sie machen möchten wie vor dem Studium. Du hast deine Leidenschaft gefunden. Reisen, YT, Instagram. Und du hast schon eine nette Anzahl Abonnenten. Lass dir nicht einreden, dass du den Weg über die Uni gehen musst, nur weil ihn deine Eltern/Freunde/Verwandte machen/gemacht haben. Die meisten Studenten haben keinen Plan was sie einmal machen möchten, du bist schon weit voraus!

    Glaub mir, sobald du dich nicht mehr vor der Entscheidung drückst (soll ich nun weiter die Uni rausschieben, ich muss doch studieren etc.) und dich gegen das Studium entscheidest wird dein YT-Channel Zinseszins-mässig nach oben schnallen wenn du weiterhin konstant bleibst (siehe Casey Neistat: 1. Million ~ 4 Jahre; 2. Million ~ 5 Monate; 3. Million ~ 3 Monate). Es wird kein Problem sein, dir ein Leben on the Road zu finanzieren, vorallem in günstigeren Ländern wie du sie im Video erwähnst.

    This is just on man's opinion though 🙂

  • yeah I adapted that thinking too, gets so natural for me to convert all prices into things I could afford in Thailand. Loved the video, travelling every month on a budget, your points are so true! 🙂

  • You should definitely make a video about packing for your traveling and how to be practical and stylish when you travel 🙂

  • Janine dear!! Could you tell us about eco-friendly vegan fashion brands you know or like/advise? Specially for people living in Europe sometimes designers do have Green lines or recycled but they're too expensive for the regular fashion consumer! (it's a bit contra-productive to order eco fashion from America because of the transportation obviously…)
    Does anyone have sugestions to buying this type of environmental friendly or organic fashion?

    Lots of love from Belgium :)))

  • How often do you eat dates with peanut butter? Will eating too many dates make me fat? Love your channel!

  • It's so interesting that you find food in Germany expensive. I moved here from Canada, and it's actually so much cheaper to buy everything organic than it is to buy the cheapest non-organic stuff in Canada. But Munich is much more expensive to live than say, Berlin or Dresden where I am. I know a lot of people who travel like you, and they're not rich, they just find a way to make it happen just in the ways that you mentioned.

  • I've just found your channel, please know you are so inspiring for someone so young!!! I've been vegan for just over 2 weeks gah life is amazing on this lifestyle! I really enjoy your videos ! xxx

  • Hey Janine, ich bin jetzt auch mit dem Abi fertig und plane auch durch Asien zu Backpacken. Würde das aber eig ganz gerne alleine machen, ohne Freundinnen, weißt du ob das als Mädchen geht? Wie hast du es gemacht und was sind deine Erfahrungen?😊❤️

  • This video was so helpful! Thanks so much, I am a junior in highschool and all I ever want to do is travel and I feel so restricted by money and school but I plan to live abroad during uni or longer 🙂

  • so inspiring and traveling sounds amazing. I am only 14 but i think it would be incredible to explore more than living in the same place your whole life. Thanks for the tips, they were great! 😉

  • Have you been to Czech Republic? You haven't? Well, you should definatelly come to Prague- one of the most beautiful cities in Europe 🙂

  • I love travelling too, but it's a good idea not to get tooo hung up on the idea of flying. You have to live very, very sustainably at home to even half offset the pollution flying does! Just because the flight is cheap it doesn't mean it's OK to fly wherever you want. Plant some trees before you go, or travel by train! I find it a shame that most travel bloggers completely forget that there are other means of transport other than a plane.

  • Schönes Video. <3 Ich hoffe soo sehr, dass ich auch irgendwann online arbeiten kann, um mehr zu reisen, das ist halt echt das einfachste. 🙂 das mit dem billig in anderen Ländern leben stimmt wirklich, hab ich dieses Jahr an Marokko gemerkt. Das Problem ist, wenn man keinen Job hat, ist das Geld halt trotzdem irgendwann aufgebraucht und wenn man in Deutschland einen festen Job hat, kann man halt nicht so lange weg.. 😉

  • I love travelling as well ❤️ I'm travelling to New Zealand from Canada in a couple months and I plan on vlogging it so I can always have those memories