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Учебник по сборке SVG Kit Travel the World

Присоединяйтесь к Марии из SVGCuts, чтобы создать все пять проектов из нового набора SVG Travel the World.

Купить сейчас: http://svgcuts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=32&products_id=425

Включает в себя большую бумажную Эйфелеву башню, зигзагообразную сумку, постоянный баннер с городским горизонтом для поздравлений, тематическую коробку Route 66 и красную британскую телефонную будку Смотрите шаг за шагом и сделайте свой сегодня!



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  • Mary me encanta tus archivos. He comprado varios y todos me fascinan!!!!!!!
    Para el cumpleaños de mi esposo y de hijo estoy haciendo esta hermosa tarjeta y la bolsa.
    Gracias por tanta creatividad!!!!!!!!!

  • You have the best 3d files ever. Who ever disliked this video are nothing but haters. Just mad, and jealous people is what it is.

  • Nooooooo, my attempts just don't look like Mary's. I think I will give up … it is so disheartening …. so much time, wasted

  • I plan on making this Eiffel tower for my 11 yr old granddaughter I am trying to get it free with my order but having problems…what kind of paper is used on this Eiffel tower?

  • This is a great kit, Mary, thank you. Love the phone booth box, reminiscent of Dr. Who! I have some friends who are great Dr Who fans and will love it. I love the zig zag bag.. nice and different!

  • A-MA-ZING Eiffel Tower, Mary! We will be visiting Paris again later this summer, so I will have to make this incredible model. Thank you for your super creativity and great tutorials!

  • You are an absolute genius.  Everyone of these projects is stunning.  Your attention to detail is outstanding.  I can't even imagine how long it takes to create one of these kits. Hugs, Kris

  • Wowser! Once again you have outdone yourself! I noticed you are using a different glue than previously. Can you share the glue name? Thanks

  • Oh Mary you have out done yourself!!! This is so Beautiful and Elegant!!! I can't wait to pick this one up. Just WOW!!!

  • OMG it is a amazing.. having been to Paris I can tell you the Eiffel Tower looks very realistic!

  • Amazing job once again Mary! Another must have kit 🙂 BTW, loving the progress of your new studio!

  • Wow! Mary, thank you for making such a beautiful kit. I can't wait to make everything!! Thank you so much for your hard work and talent that you share.

  • Fabulous! Love that paper line…haven't seen it before. Thanks also for the info regarding those dinky little lights…I am trying to source some, (wish me luck!) Have to have the box card…my family and friends are addicted to them. Di xx