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10 причин, почему путешествие — отстой

Помимо Jet Lag Есть несколько вещей, которые люди будут ненавидеть путешествовать. От вас воняет вместе с грязной одеждой до дорогой природы путешествий и некоторых других вещей, которые могут свести вас с ума от путешествий.
Снято в Швеции, Франции, Дании, Исландии, Норвегии, Италии, Канаде.
Авторские права Марк Уолтерс 2016

10 вещей, которые вы полюбите о путешествиях

10 потрясений от посещения Европы

10 потрясений от посещения Франции

10 потрясений от посещения Норвегии

10 потрясений от посещения Австрии

10 потрясений от посещения Дании

10 потрясений от посещения Германии

USA Today & 10Best # 1 независимый туристический видеограф 2014

FlipKey от TripAdvisor Лучшие 10 туристических блоггеров 2014 года

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  • How about Scams scams scams street harassment over and over thefts and robberies all the time

  • When I first went to Italy in 1997, I had some truly awful meals. When we went back in 2013, we never had a bad meal. The difference was that we used TripAdvisor’s great app. It detects your location and shows you all the restaurants around you. The better the reviews, the bigger the dot. Many times my husband wanted to head for some tourist trap on the square, and instead I found a wonderful restaurant around the corner, full of locals, with great food. We kept to restaurants in the top 25% and never had a problem. You also need to understand that you’re eating local cuisine, not the American version of their food.

  • I really enjoy your videos, but I have one thing to say. You CAN find good Italian food in Venice, provided that you're off of the beaten path and stick to Venetian Cuisine, but I think you know that.

  • I loved your videos, until I saw this… you suck so much. Traveling is AWESOME. If you hate it so much, stay at home like all the other sheep.

  • site seeing is the lamest thing ever. plus people are fucking lame there to many people everywhere.

  • What's disappointing for you may not be for others. The leaning tower of Pisa may just be a building with bad foundation, but it might be of interest to engineers or physicists. No place would be disappointing for me until I actually find it out for myself. Its part of the experience.

  • Mark I love your videos! I get to do all of my oversees traveling vicariously through you and your family! Unfortunately I don't have the budget now that I'm retired to do lots of tracking arround the world! We do do lots of camping all over the U.S.! I'm lucky to live in southeast Tennessee close to the mountains and centrally located to the entire south east. We try to take two weeks every year and go west , of witch I really love the southwestern U.S. my question is do you and your family ever go or plan to go camping? There is so much to see here in North America! I think you would do your sons a great favor to get out and explore nature. I know it's not everyones cup of tea! Talk about travling cheap! Thanks again for your videos. Have great and safe travels!

  • Hola ! Marck, which beach do you recomend close to Rome in April by Train ! I’ve seen temperatures and realize its cheely ! Although i can’t talk out my family to do so ! So i guest i will have to do it ! Thks

  • About Pisa there are more things than the Tower … i live in this town from 4 years .

  • A personal hate of mine is: Flying. (Especially coach) Being cramped in a seat with very little legroom (when’s you’re 6’5”/6”) for 5.5 hours is bad enough so now I dread having to take any long haul flights.

  • I absolutely hate the people going through border control. You've been waiting in line for 2 hrs and your just looking for your passport when at the window. I mean seriously are you an idiot? I understand not wanting to hold it for 2 hrs, but you can look for it and put it in a convenient place.

    I went through MIA border control and the agent was absolutely shocked that I had my passport in my hand and even opened to the correct page. He had to call his "friends" over.

  • Sweden really sucks as to tourism. I mean, there is lots to experience, but you always get the feeling that you are the first tourist there and they do not know what to do with you. I have read this famous book, "Popular music from Vittula" and Vittula is a suburb in Pajala, but when in there, nobody knows where it exactly is.

    There is another side to bad weather. When people complain about the climate, you can always say that in the Amazon region the climate is unbearable. In the Amazon region people say that in the Caribbean the climate is unbearable.

  • I know someone who travels a lot to Paris for work and he absolutely hates it. Paris is my favorite city and I wish I had his job.

  • If you want to enjoy travels and vacation, just avoid busy tourist trap cities and the overrated "bucket list" destinations. The Eiffel Tower, London, Venice are destinations that you should avoid unless if you're into crowds. I only do scenic nature destinations that are somewhat off the beaten path.

  • enjoy this list: bedbugs (sleeping in filthy beds), airport delays cancellations, scams up the ass, learning a whole new language and system of doing things (in other words, a job when you should be relaxing), dealing with unpredictable situations, having to deal with things you are not used to (i.e. wearing headscarves in islamic sharia law nations when you aren't used to living like that), and of course the risk of becoming sick or injured. i recommend spending time with local family and friends or just being by yourself by engaging in hobbies you like.

  • i would add hotels. i am a very experienced traveler — i have traveled dozens of times all over europe. i use booking.com for hotels but sometimes i end up in a shitty hotel although i checked the reviews and such but disregard a tiny detail which turns out to be something important. so today i am stuck in an awful hotel in budapest, overpriced and absolutely not comfortable.

  • Tbh, Ive been traveling to Mexico a lot but now im giving up my traveling because everywhere you go around the world is expensive! I don't like spending too much money! No more traveling for me!

  • I know this video is 2 years old but…I'm from Pisa, and next time you came for a visit contact me, I'll show you that our city is not "leaning tower only" we have tons of places to see. I know even that tourist stay here just a few ours, but — trust me — they don't know what they miss! cheers

  • Tour groups can be useful if you have never traveled to Europe. I have done EF Tours three times. I would recommend avoiding tour groups if you are comfortable traveling alone. Like he said, "You get what you pay for" and tour groups will drag you from spot to spot with no time to enjoy what you are seeing. It is good for some, not so much for those who are more independent.

  • Traveling is a bit hit and miss for me. Sometimes it's great and other times I thought it was barely worth the time and effort.

    For me I really get messed up from jet lag on those long trips too.

    Also it takes a while to know what kind of traveller you are, adventure, culture or beach etc… and you can make some mistakes and go places you don't really want to be.

    And as you say some places are famous but when you get there in your own experience they're overrated.


  • Avoid all this nonsense. Hop on a plane & fly to Bangor or drive up to Maine and visit the out of the way towns whenever possible.

  • Ha! This is why I will not travel until I'm successful enough to just book private flights. I'm one of the few who believes that travel is overrated, especially when you don't have the money to, but I do believe in local vacations like within the country you're in. Go to a different city, or a different area within your own town. Going to another country does not equate vacation. You can have a vacation even within in your neighborhood and still stay within your budget.