Видео путешествия

Вокруг Гайи (или; Как путешествовать по миру на велосипеде)

Что-то немного другое сегодня. Ивана и Мануэль решили однажды купить велосипед и посмотреть мир. Тем не менее, ни один из них не смотрел на мотоциклы раньше, не говоря уже о том, как научиться ездить на них, но остановило ли это их? Э-э … нет, и теперь, три с половиной года спустя, они собираются заняться Африкой, начиная с юга и продвигаясь на север. Вот их удивительная история.



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  • Awesome couple. With unlimited time you can manage alot, no GPS etc. A superiour bike too. Cheap to buy, maintain and repair, practically bulletproof. Don't try this on a heavy weight BMW 1200. Ridicoulus bikes not for offrad adventure. Way to heavy, super expensive and less reliable. Loved this video. Thank you so much! Proof that you don't need lot's of money to experience dreams such as this. Way less than most people believe. Having all that time helps.

  • That was an inspiring interview. What a great philosophy for travel, and what a great testament to keeping it simple when it comes to adventure bikes. Forget the fancy stuff, reliability is the number one attribute.

  • WOW! this is solid proof that ignorance is Bliss. by not knowing anything, these two had no real fears and set out on an amazing adventure.

  • Oh my god, I have to delete the word obstacle from my vocobulary right away, thank you and wishes.

  • Great done trip!! Emazing, brave kind of traveling on motorbike! Ewan McGregor and Charley Boormanon theirs Huge BMW are like littel boys hahah,

  • Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman you are no more than …….. with those all your fancy gear, BMW, two 4×4 cars and your fake team. This two guys on stock yamaha done a trip! that what they done is a motorcycle trip not those tv fake "GB team" trip buhahah.

  • Respect! Fantastic achievement and experience. No equipment, riding experience, decent gear, or even a GPS and still going after over 3.5 years!
    Bloody brilliant! I'd never have the courage to do it without plenty of finance behind me, and never 2 up!!!! Inspirational.
    Plenty of bikers laughed at me for travelling from one end of my tiny country to the other on a 125cc, and I never understood their viewpoint, or what the problem is in doing so. Maybe I have a little bit of the adventure spirit you have in me, but I'd never have the courage to be able to do what you are doing. Huge respect to you both, just bought a T-Shirt from your website to contribute to your travels. All the very best of wishes.

  • And it's not a KTM big deal somthing, hahaha, I think a KTM would have shit it's self already.