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СМОТРЕТЬ Невероятный мальчик играет уличное пианино в Новом Орлеане

СМОТРЕТЬ Спонтанный Джазовый Дуэт на Уличном Фортепьяно в Париже

Живи необычайной жизнью!

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  • Hey Dotan! I still watch this until now and I absolutely love it! Keep doing what you love man 🙂

  • Other than a 5 piece drum set I don’t think you could’ve chosen a more difficult instrument to travel with.

  • Yes, very inspirational to follow your dreams but unless you are very good at what you do, lucky, have money or parents with money, this is totally giving people the wrong idea. I love that you love music but not everyone who chases their dreams like this finds the golden egg. I'm also not saying people shouldn't do what they love but we're still in the real world and 99% of the time, money matters in making sure you can survive; so I would suggest a slower approach. Starving artist is nothing to be proud of.

  • Good luck persuing your dreams ! I'm just a student now studying in foreign countries , how can I support you if I want ?

  • Bro were you in Nice, France in late August, 2017? Wife and I were there on vacation and There was a man playing his piano on the boardwalk… WAS THAT YOU!?!?!

  • Dude ur awesome I can't believe u been on these beautiful places I wish I would be there with you I love piano and I love the world u are awesome and u make people's dreams come true you are the best guy I've ever met never clicked subcribe butten that fast !

  • but how did you pay all of this? there is no way youre making enough money of steet perfomances to travel around the world lol

  • You are an inspiration!! Keep it up!
    Q — how many pianos have you gone through over your journey?

  • This is an absolutely DREAM of mine! I can't believe you've done this! What an inspiration!!!!

  • What a wonderfull video! I really respect how you just took the risk to accomplish your dreams. Doing the things you love the most in this world is the best thing in life. Very nice man!

  • omg dude, you are amazing. you are doing what's most of us only dream about. you are living your dream, living your life without caring about what others say. you are a great inspiration. keep going 😘😘

  • hi I like your videos traveling and playing your piano.  also like you said do not ever let any one say to not do it. as I am an organist  still in music lessons. it is my onley passion. and I will not ever stop doing it.  hope to see you one day in Michigan.

  • This is beautiful, inspirational video! The world would be a paradise if everyone has courage to go pursuing their own dreams, no matter how hard and impossible it looks at the beginning. I am also trying to shape and realize my dreams, it will take time and courage, but step by step. Wishing you all the best! Enjoying your videos! Thank you.

  • your so lucky to be able to do things you love and go meet amazing people! i mean i play piano too but your playing is soooo much better than mine… i couldn't do what you do everyday, playing with people around….i hope you achieve your dreams because it seems nothing is holding you back!

  • Ohhhh myyyyyy godddddd
    I like you
    Like you
    Like you
    Like you
    Like you
    Like you

  • I wonder if you could help me with something. So I am 17 I'll be going to the Army after graduation. I am not interested in college but my mom thinks I should go anyway to be stable. if I go to college I would have to do reserved which will be for 6 years minimum. if I don't go I'll do active for 4 years. I really just want to travel for the rest of my life. Should I go to college and then travel or should I just travel straight out of the army with probably little to no money? because if I do reserved I'll be 24 by the time I get out (doesn't sound like a time to start traveling to me)