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British Airways A380 БИЗНЕС-КЛАСС Лондон-Гонконг Обзор

British Airways A380 Мировой обзор бизнес-клубов.
Приходите и летите вместе с British Airways Club World из Лондона в Гонконг на самолете British Airways Airbus A380.

Это взгляд на бизнес-класс с British Airways на Airbus A380-800. Мы летим на ночь из Лондона в Гонконг на замечательном BA A380.

Сам полет был в основном гладким, и предоставляемое обслуживание было очень хорошим для полета, многие люди жалуются на бизнес-класс British Airways, но на этом рейсе это было очень приятно.

British Airways Airbus A380 также предлагает очень плавный полет с точки зрения комфорта, на мой взгляд, A380 справляется с турбулентностью намного лучше, чем другие самолеты, и это дает ощущение большего личного пространства внутри самолета.

Еще раз отдельное спасибо всем моим Патреонам, которые поддерживают этот канал.

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British Airways Рейс 31
Отправление: Лондон (LHR)
Прибытие: Гонконг (HKG)
STD: 6:25 вечера (ADP: 6:42 вечера)
STA: 2:20 вечера (ATA: 2:20 вечера)
Самолет: Airbus A380-800
Первый полет: 22 сентября 2014
Доставлено авиакомпании: 13 февраля 2015 г.
Место: 53A
Время полета: 11 ч. 28 м.
Питание: ужин и завтрак

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  • Take off roll…magnificent! Looks like a great flight and great to see BA are still up there with the best. Well done!

  • Don't fancy that seat arrangement at all. Flying backwards and being face-to-face with your neighbour puts me off.

  • Looks like you were the only one with your window blind open in the dark cabin? Think perhaps you may have woken others up?

  • I use the hot towel ONLY to clean the remote control, the seatbelt, the armrest and the buttons. and each time it is BLACK afterwards

  • runway 25L approach is rare and it's nice because you're flying closer to the city! Interesting that there's still Cantonese speaking crew onboard

  • Same flight in business two years ago — seats and service were impeccable
    Return was First Class which was amazing — but wouldn’t pay the difference — good job we had points!

  • You need to try the same flight again.. Since you filmed the service has been upgraded quite nicely. Not only do you get much better white company pillow, mattress and 2 blankets / covers, the catering has been improved too. Had a great journey to and from HK in December and the overall service was definitely better.

  • Very nice video, thanks! I love the A380, and also HK! Nice combo mate!
    BA's J is ok-ish actually…I suppose the seat is a bit narrow, or rather, the space feels 'confined' and can get a tad claustrophobic on a long flight, but the service is quite good really. The food looked particularly good for being BA!

  • They may be outdated, but the BA Business seats remain light years better than the seats in steerage! I loved the tribute to Dennis! His smile never fails to light up my evenings when I watch one of his videos!

  • Was the new food service not offered on this flight? When I took the same flight in business class (in August 2018), I got to experience the new dining service.

  • I hope you didn’t pay for that flight !!
    With all due respect, BA Business Class is by far the worst in the airline industry !
    No wonder Branson is richer

  • Hi my friend I think its worst business class ba don't see others what thay do like some GCC airlines or Singapore's or even JAL

  • If you have a sociable neighbour in these situations are you quite chatty ? I bet you can get some real idiots though. Such is life.

  • Not sure why people moan about Club World. Yes, it is dated and need refurbishing but it’s still an alright product!

  • OMG I cannot believe that awful seat layout. Then the food shoved through that hatch like in a works canteen on a tray. Unbelievable !!!

  • See A380's for Emirates everyday flying over Me as I live on the BHX flight path loud, ugly from the front but an amazing piece of engerneering