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SmartScoot ™ — самый легкий в мире, самый умный туристический скутер!

Это видео о SmartScoot, доступном на Electric Vehicle Mall. Electric Vehicle Mall является ведущим дилером скутеров SmartScoot с рейтингом A + Better Business Bureau. Позвоните 727-474-9992, чтобы заказать или получить дополнительную информацию.



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  • I call bullshit on lots of things. First and foremost is the distance. 12 miles on a battery that size? NO WAY.
    Secondly, ALL scooter companies tell you NO MORE THAN TEN pounds on a tiller in a basket, and you want to put a suitcase on it and throw the balance of a THREE wheel scooter completely off? What about the wear and tear on the tiller? That is another reason for no more than 10 pounds. With that battery and size of motor, I would like to see that scooter go 7 miles per hour with that man on it. NO WAY.
    From sales ad, "Spare Battery for SmartScoot Mobility Scooter36v, 8amp, 288 watt Lithium Ion rechargeable battery." $500. 288 watts is nothing compared to other scooters.
    How many liability suits have cropped up since this video was made in 2017?
    I would LOVE to see a independent evaluation done on this scooter on the net. I assure you after many years of owning several scooters over the years, the claims are either false or pushing the limits.
    I call bullshit. The only nice thing about it is the adjustable rear axle width. And when it is collapsed makes it easy to tip with a single front wheel. A simple google found this at
    $2,299.00 · Progress Mobility
    SmartScoot — Portable Travel Mobility Scooter
    $2,299.00 · The Modern Back
    SmartScoot Lightweight Mobility Scooter
    $2,299.00 · Go Mobility Scooters
    Smart Scoot Travel Scooter
    $2,299.00 · Top Mobility
    DRIVE AND SHOPRIDER and others have similar scooter and better looking for an average of $650.00 And Smartscoot wants $500.00 for the BATTERY?

  • It’s a nice mobility scooter, but not the worlds lightest. Travelscoot is a bit lighter, than the Smartscoot. Smartscoot is faster the Travelscoot however

  • donde puedo comprar este scooter? si pueden decirme algunos lugares que lo venden y de ser posible en Estados Unidos

  • Try Snap n' Go scooter for arm rests. Up to 300lbs weight capacity. Costs about $1500. I'm not an endorser.

  • If the 27 lb section could be broken down once more, people like me could lift it. Otherwise I'm still dependent upon others.