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Как я могу путешествовать по миру

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Секрет раскрыт! Как я могу позволить себе путешествовать. 🙂 Наслаждаться!

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Привет! Меня зовут Мелоди. Я жил в Корее последние два года и сейчас отправляюсь в самое большое путешествие — ЕВРОПА! Я делаю видео о путешествиях (в том числе о путешествиях!), О вещах, которые меня вдохновляют, и я всегда держу это ПОЛЕЗНЫМ + ПОЗИТИВНО — потому что это просто то, как я катаюсь. Подпишитесь сегодня и присоединяйтесь ко мне в этом путешествии, есть шаги, которые нужно сделать!

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  • Can you pls answer me, I’m currently a senior student and want to live abroad after this year, how did you apply for Korea??? Is there a program or anything?

  • Hi Melody! Love your channel! Currently teaching and blogging my journey through Taiwan. Would love to pick your brain on how to maximize my funds, travel, and Youtube content! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any advice, thnk you! dlmurdock72[at]gmail

  • I love your videos!!! I'm living my life through you. I love to travel and want to learn to save and budget more. Thank for the inspiration friend 🙂

  • Bullshit. Your sugar daddy boss gave you that job even when there were better qualified candidates. Prostitution has evolved.

  • Girl! that intro was cool! Well done!
    Want to add a note for prospective teachers… Rent is not "free" it is worked into your salary or cost as a teacher ie you get paid less than an average teacher.
    Also, Pension is not available for all nationalities upon leaving Korea. If you are Canadian or American you should have no problem. If you are from anywhere else you would probably have to travel back to Korea when you are 60+ if you want to get that pension… Bummer
    Thanks for all the tips! I will be traveling after my time in Korea as well! So excited! Good luck on your adventures! Can't wait to see your journey!
    Also super cute hair style ^^

  • I didn't know you can get paid for viewers watching intro video. I will from now on!
    Is that videos you appear in only? What's it called, Adzins? Sponsored videos? Please elaborate

  • How did you get a teaching job in Korea? Do you have suggestions of legitimate sites to apply?

  • sigh I miss Korea so much! You're making me want to go back and teach again. LOL! Don't forget Korea reimburse your flights too!

  • I love you ! Let’s be best friends lol if you’re ever in Atlanta hit me up we can definitely do a video together and im a natural hair stylist!! Your character is amazing!!

  • just came across your channel and i am enjoying it so much already! you seem humble, sweet, and very charming 🙂

  • This is so inspiring! I'd love to travel and I had always thought about teaching in Korea but I was worried about the the process of applying and what would have to be taught in the classes. Do they tell you what to teach or do you come up with everything? If so, what did you do to plan everything out?

  • If you're still teaching VIPKID how many days do you give yourself to travel and set up before you schedule classes during your vacation?

  • hey! loved your video. I'm highly torn between teaching in Korea or China. Besides culture, what are the big differences? I know the companies in China offer airfare, housing and bonuses once you complete your contract etc. 

    What company did you work for in Korea? It sounds like you had an amazing time..
    I'd love to chat more. My email is [email protected]gmail.com.

    Thank you!

  • No but seriously, teaching abroad you make a lot. Once you're all settled there's not many day to day expenses. Especially if you're good on a budget. I make $1600 a month in China plus part time gigs and spend about 200. Or less. Saving for a huuuuuge Europe trip starting in February, hoping I'll have about 10k saved up! It's so doable. All about being smart!

  • Thank you so much Mel !👍💥😍 You are truly and inspiration to all those who relate to you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • you're so beautiful and explained this perfectly! i would like to follow this path at some point in my future thank you!!!

  • I just posted my luggage back home from Korea thanks to one of your past video. I can now continue my travels without these airlines killing me in excess luggage fee. Almost makes me want to come teach in Korea but I've been away from home long enough that am almost going insane from being home sick. Keep up the good work…