Видео путешествия

Путешествие в одиночку в мире

Влог о моей жизни в Самуи, Таиланд, и разговор о путешествии в одиночку.
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  • What’s the name of this place? Loving the music. I’m heading over to Thailand for the 1st next March on a solo trip. Big love 💗 Aidan 🍀

  • Hi Paul, great video I eat in the same place when I'm in Phuket it's a small place run by three sisters and boy is the food banging and no funny shit no bar girls just great food and great company and really cheap too it's my favourite bar .

  • Thailand is a wonderful place, however rampant corruption is a problem, ask any Thai. The U.K. is not as cool or alluring as Thailand, but it is less corrupt.

  • Your cycle is very reminiscent of a cycle I took around Lake Toba Indonesia..was very hot n sweaty right enough. Totally echo your thoughts on travelling alone, it works and everyone should do it. Your own fate will attract good ppl like yourself.

  • This might be the most intimate and most beautiful vlog I have seen. I love this one. Wish you all the happiness, from the bottom of my hart!

  • that resort was so magnificient looking. i want to go there now. and this guy's videos are really growing on me. i think he will be popular on youtube. he is not sleazy at all..just a thoughtful, intelligent fellow.

  • Wow that video was really amazing, your wise beyond your years my friend.
    If you turn left at the crossroads at the gym heading towards the garage, there's a little Thai restaurant on the right hand side half way up, it has Italian/pizza signs outside, the food there is cheap but amazing.

  • Nice vid, matey! What do you think are the biggest hardships about living in thailand? I`m soon going back to hua hin, chalelarn hotel where you guys stayed before.

  • What's happening bud. Are you able to work to support yourself while in Asia? Or do you just return home every now and again to get some funds together?

  • Class mate!! I used to watch alot of other farangs, simply to find out more about beautiful Thailand before I travel. You Sir are head and shoulders above any other vlogger I've come across and not jst traveller vloggers, ALL. Class personality and ur editing is top notch. Your outlook is similar to mine, I refuse to be stuck in the rat race slaving away for the rest of my life to find out when I look back at the end I gave up experiences and following my heart to fit in with the crowd. Can only thank u as I too will be travelling alone, it will be my first time abroad so this video was what I was looking for. So much of what I've seen on thailand looks amazing and I'm kinda unsure of what destination, any recommendations for a 32yr old first timer. Perhaps somewhere with abit of everything scenery, night life and close by some good places to shop. Any help will be appreciated my friend, keep up the amazing work and many greetings from Scotland.

  • Really enjoyed watching that video Paul. Brings back nice memories. You have the right idea pal,you seem like you're in a good place in life.Keep making videos!

  • get a 2 year work visa in australia good money here heaps of work if you want cash yourself back up and take of to the world again you have options we all do you have a great outlook on life dont change son !!!

  • thought ?? Your value does not decrease based on someones inability to see your worth . great vlog what a beautiful place

  • Great Videos buddy, really like watching them. Do you have a income while travelling, working online? Or do you just travel on savings?. Subscribed 🙂

  • We come into this world naked and we go out the same way… The only thing we really have in the mean time is our integrity… Don't live your life based on someone else's expectations or based on social norms… Travel opens your eyes to perceptions of life that you would never get if you stayed at home and played it safe… 90% of my travels around the world have been alone and I prefer it this way… It allows you to see the world without misconceptions based on stereotypes fomented by social standards, which are most often wrong… Chok dee na khrap…

  • Wonderful work. Makes me smile. These are the good times, I would say enjoy, but you obviously already do.

  • hi paul another great vlog just got home from work having the supper looking at you in sunny thailand its bloody freezing cold here in ireland you know how to rub it in cheers buddy enjoy

  • great video exactly wat I think these days ive bein in sumui with 12lads and now I go travel alone I done a great trip to chang rai an stayed in a village wat a experience that was but I needed to come back an work keep d videos up look forward to d next one

  • You need to get a mortgage, man……asap……:-)……just kiddin'……shouldn't you be doing some serious touring on that bike?

  • Paul if you enjoy your own company no problem being alone, as wealth accumulation (mortgage etc) just got to be smarter! Well put together video looking for happiness but being a spectator is not for all, being a player having a job & being very good at it has $$$ rewards to enjoy life when not so young.