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SONGKRAN 2019: крупнейший в мире водный бой в Бангкоке, Таиланд — LIVE TRAVEL VLOG

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  • Nice! We just experienced our 1st Songkran in Chiang Mai and it was awesome. So many smiling people everywhere. Cheers bro!

  • Songkran has always been a nuisance to me….I avoid going on those few days. Will be in Thailand on the 16th after the madness.

  • Ah Man Bangkok looks awesome at the moment. We are celebrating it in Chiang Mai, it is EPIC!

  • Steve,…that guy with penis-looking water pistol,…are you sure he wasn't a ladyboy?..lol….

  • U r in Thailand,wow, will be fun to watch as always, last time I saw all ur videos with Misha .

  • Steve! I just came back to the hotel from the festival. I bought the biggest gun I could find 🙂 here in Chiang Mai. I love the atmosphere with the big crowd having so much fun. I’m getting ready for a concert later today. Have fun guys

  • Best to edit that dude with the penis water gun out. The word is the Thai police are set on keeping the holiday clean and family friendly. The police have ways to track down vloggers. Fine is 500 baht or Thai jail. Not trying to be a buzz kill, just giving you a heads up. This was all over the news and signage posted throughout Bangkok. No drunks either. Have fun bro!!!!!