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Спасибо нашим 100 000 подписчиков !!! Мы сделали это! Это означает, что мир для нас, что мы можем помочь так много путешественников с нашим честным советом путешествия без пуха и наполнителя. Спасибо вам от всей путешествующей семьи Wolters World!
Снято в Осло, Норвегия, Ла Фортуна, Коста-Рика и Париж, Франция
Авторские права Марк Уолтерс 2016

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USA Today & 10Best # 1 независимый туристический видеограф 2014

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  • I wouldn't worry about the production values, or try to change them. They fit the genuine style of your channel.

  • No need to loose weight Mark! There is not just more to love, you are also harder to kidnap! Greets from Germany!

  • One of my favorite YouTube channels out there. You and your family are so awesome for doing this!

  • Mark! My husband and I love your videos, and thanks for making this video so we can learn a bit more about you and your family. We always watch your videos for a place before we go to a place because it really is the best, no-nonsense guide to any place. We know this as a New Yorker and Berliner- because your videos about NYC and Berlin were SPOT on!!! Anyhow, we will continue following you please keep up the great work!!!!

  • Your vids and comments are well thought out. Your family is certainly blessed to travel as much as you do.
    I think it is great that your oldest is getting started in the blog snide. A kids point of view on travel and tourist sites would be unique. They may see things differently that we adults. And offer suggestions on how to keep safe when traveling.
    Are your kids multilingual?
    Thanks and work safe today!

  • Dude, don't bash your editing style! The reason I watch your videos is that you don't have that usual generic editing with the terrible stock music montages that's so prevalent on Youtube! You just talk honestly to a camera, and that's all I'm looking for!

  • Mark and Jocelyn I m not able to travel at this moment but your videos are a joy to view I can escape my reality by listening to your content concerning other countries I love WW I often listen at night til fall to sleep. Love you guys be safe

  • Mark, I am right now locked in my Airbnb bathroom in Paris (3am) enjoying a good dose of jet lag, the rest of my family is trying to sleep. I want to thank you for publishing theses videos, I watched almost everyone of them before coming to Europe , you are super helpful, thanks to you I haven’t packed my baseball cap, socks or flip flops on my one tiny carryon.
    Visiting the Eiffel Tower tomorrow, we’ll see how good I blend in with the locals, lol!!! Thank you, thank you, we were able to use public transportation with many transfers thanks to all of you good advise, God bless you and keep up the good work.
    By the way, I am from Argentina but living in the USA for 25 years this December. I realized after watching this video you lived there too, I’ll check to see if you have a video about shocking things in Argentina, that would be fun!

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Thanks so much Dr. Mark Wolters. Love to your whole family, and for educating us all.🤓󾓦

  • love these videos so much! You make everything so easy to understand and have inspired me to travel more!

  • Have you ever done a video about how to travel with two kids and afford it? Transportation, lodging, etc.

  • Thank you for making these video me and my wife are planning a trip in September to London and Paris and your videos have help me out so much.

  • For even cheaper entries to London's attractions buy London Pass. It's one ticket for over 80 attractions+ no need to wait in Q's. That is probably the coolest ticket you will need in London. https://www.londonpass.com/

  • Don't insult youself!!! You look great! Thank you for making this Channel! I prepare for my English exam trough your videos and I really enjoy it

  • I love the "low budget" look of your videos! A lot of "youtubers" start with a great idea and then become obsessed with making their videos look slick instead of producing good content. Whereas your content is great, straightforward, and honest, and honestly your personality is really the best part! You're like that buddy that you can go for a pint with and he'll give you honest advice about your next trip! 🙂

    Also people didn't know your name was Mark? You say it at the start of every video…

    Anyway, keep being you!! We love you!

  • I like all your videos, I’m about to travel to Germany for the first time in September so I basically binged all your videos. Keep making videos Mark.

  • Hi, Mark! I love all your videos — they're my new addiction! Especially loved the kids trying Finnish candy (and I loved your description of salmiakki — a friend who lived in Finland confirmed that your assessment is dead on). Also especially loved your video on the 10 shocks in the southern US — as an expatriate Southerner, it warmed my heart! (Go Vols!) All your videos are amazing. I haven't gotten much of a chance to travel — but I've studied French, Spanish, Russian, Welsh (!), and my hobby is learning new languages so that I'll be ready when I do get the chance. Anyway, thanks so much, and best wishes to you and your family.

  • There's the kids playing, then the Eiffel Tower in the background!! Never seen a famous place presented like that. It was excellant and somehow shows your emphasis on family.

  • It's not just about athsetics and production quality, it's also your likability and honesty, dont down yourself, I don't know any perfect people🗿

  • we love your family with love from London to Jamaica ,people are only hating on you coz your videos are amazing ,And your wife and kinds are beautiful ,long live the wolters!!!

  • Yes, your wife is extremely attractive… what she sees is a fun, adventurous, humorous, well educated, family man…. who says, "Thank you God," for her. That's not to say that you aren't an attractive man…. I'm just saying that there are many qualities that she would be attracted to even if you weren't. Love to all of your family!