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2 года World Travel Adventure !!!

Мы продали наш дом, купили мотоцикл и отправились по всему миру на 2 года! От кемпинга с медведями до маоистов в горах Непала — мы пережили изменяющие жизнь приключения. Единственное сожаление? Мы вернулись!!!! www.motorcycleadventure.dsl.pipex.com



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  • Really very very nice! Hope to do that in my other life! I don't think to have enough energy!

  • I think you did a great job -your photos make me envious. I have a family and I often dream about selling up and taking them on a overseas adventure travel tour around the world, but what will we do when we get back — convince me that that will be OK and I'll do it tomorrow! Great shots.

  • about how much did this cost you to do??? (excluding buying the bike, just petrol food and other expenses?)

  • Why didnt you save some money and rented you house so per month you would might be getting extra money without saling your home. lol!

  • this is a real adventure..just the two of you..you are lucky person who have travel around the world..once in a lifetime experience..my dream is to be like two of you..travelling around the world just me and my wife..my respect to you bro..

  • Most talk, many dream, you two DID. Wow, and to do it with your partner! Must have been, well, of course, it must have been something I cannot possibly describe. Be well!

  • absolutely an amazing trip, I can't believe you and your wife? or whomever sold your house and took that trip, it must have been breath-taking. I hope one day I get the chance to do the same.

  • Would love to do that. Your slide show's great too. How did you get the pics to move like that? I have a world travel slideshow on YouTube too. Check it out.