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Как путешествовать по миру на бюджете | Советы путешественникам

Как путешествовать по миру с ограниченным бюджетом

Привет, мир! Мы — A2Y Travelers, пара лесбиянок из Великобритании, которые любят путешествовать и делятся своим опытом благодаря своей любви к кинематографии и видеографии, надеясь вдохновить других на жизнь в полной мере!

В этом видео мы дадим вам наши лучшие советы о том, как путешествовать с ограниченным бюджетом. Мы дадим вам представление о том, как спланировать свое путешествие по всему миру с ограниченным бюджетом, используя наши знания, чтобы помочь вам в доступном отдыхе и отпуске.

Это видео из серии «Как путешествовать» разбито на 5 частей:
— Место нахождения
— транспорт
— Жилье
— Достопримечательности
— еда

Как путешествовать по миру с ограниченным бюджетом
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  • Hey guys, don't forget if you have any travel budget tips comment them down below, they might just help people! Thanks for the support as always <3

  • You have a lovely channel 👍👍. Fun watching. New sub enjoying your video. Please sub back

  • Rose petals and wine in a bath, mud and elephants, you guys are living my dream 😀 I will be going on a 3 month trip with my husband this fall and our budget is going to be insanely low, so I really appreciate your tips! Thanks for sharing your tips with the world and inspiring others to travel!

  • That looks awesome. Great tips and glad to see you can visit such a lot of places. Greetings from Bangkok. 🙂 Subbed to your channel and hope to see more videos like that. Please sub back if you interested in travel vlogs and let's support each other 🙂

  • These are really good tips! I do all of these already but it is such a good reminder to clear history when searching for flights etc.

  • Some excellent tips! SEA is the best for cheap travels. So many amazing places to visit, great food for little money. The one tip I'd add is to consider slower travel if funds are limited. Moving constantly from location to location, specially if flying, can quickly add up. -Elisa

  • Great shot at the Marina Bay Sands. I think the tip on sleeping on buses to save money on accommodations is interesting. Because it does save you money but when you reach your destination, you're dead tired. At least…I usually am, I know some people get a full night rest in buses.

  • You guys are awesome! Central America is relatively cheap, but beware that some airports have a "departing tax" which can be spendy and they don't let you get your boarding bass until you've paid. I was almost stuck in Costa Rica with a maxed credit card because I didn't know about that.

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    I predict lots of views from this psychological trick. 🙂 It is a good video, they will learn something