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Путешествие День Vlog в Уолт Дисней Уорлд Орландо Флорида | Август 2017

Мы Джемма и Стив, и это наш дневник путешествия в августе 2017 года. Мы летим в Орландо, штат Флорида, чтобы провести 2 недели, посетив Мир Уолта Диснея, Disney's Vero Beach Resort и неделю в Дисней Фэнтези в карибском круизе!

Мы надеемся, что вам понравятся эти блоги, нам было очень весело снимать их.

Если вы новичок в нашем канале, то привет! Мы надеемся, что вы останетесь без дела, поскольку мы так много делаем в этой поездке. Если вы были с нами некоторое время сейчас … огромное спасибо !!!!

Мы также встречаемся с нашими очень хорошими друзьями Дэном и Фэй, известной как PartyofTwo. Посетите их канал: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaAgcnoNdMEyN3sBnZ5kaUQ.

У нас есть много других блогов, WDW, Диснейленд Париж, Диснейленд в Калифорнии и совсем недавно в Канаде, так что давай и дайте им часы тоже!

Подпишитесь на новый блог каждую неделю: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCut2v2WZPkmR1lfl0YQBvGg?sub_confirmation=1

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  • Hi guys! Nothing beats the excitement of travel day! No matter how many times you go, it never gets old! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  • I CANNOT believe your Sushi was served up in a plastic box and not plated. Very poor Virgin for Upper Class service

  • Great vlog guys! I’ve no idea how you kept going all night. I’m a bit of a lightweight on travel day 😆 Looking forward to the rest of the vlog series! L x

  • Your airplane seats are insane I had no idea they turned into beds! Super jelous! 🖤

  • Great video and I thought you would of done a few pictures of you two. Sitting at the onboard upper class bar. It looks like virgin are taking the bars out of the aircraft. They are replacing them with, what they call the ' 'The Loft' space. Check out virgin atlantic' s promo for the new Airbus 350, that will replace the 747's.

  • When in August did you go? We have been the first two weeks the last couple of times we have been and next year we are going mid-late Aug but going to Mew York first for 3 days. X

  • Love your vlogs!! When we are in Orlando we always ride in a Mustang!
    Keep on going the God work ☺️☺️!

  • Such a fun and exciting travel day 🎉 good effort heading straight to a park after a long haul flight!

  • Great video guys im amazed how you still keep going after that journey im normally so tired i literrally just grab food and crash lol.Love your orlando vlogs cant wait till next upload 🙂 xx

  • Great first day, you sat in the same window seat in the Virgin lounge as us and we had the eggs lol

  • What a fantastic travel day and evening at Hollywood Studios! 😊 Your rental car was fabulous and Will and Lelly would have been proud of your choice! 😉 I absolutely would love to stay at Yacht Club as the rooms look so spacious and very breezy! Thank you again for taking us along! 😊

  • Holy cow, what a nice rental! 🙂 Oh how I love travel day vlogs! The excitement is real haha 🙂 xx