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Путешествие в Дисней | Мир Диснея Март 2019

Мы путешествуем из Нью-Йорка во Флориду на Delta A321. Мы подробно расскажем о том, что мы делаем в JFK (международный аэропорт имени Джона Кеннеди в Нью-Йорке), и подробно расскажем о клубе Delta Sky Club в терминале 4.

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Добро пожаловать на наш канал! Мы — Джен и Скотт, супружеская пара, которая делится нашими приключениями, отзывами и рекомендациями о путешествиях в Дисней.

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  • Nice video. Two questions. If flying out of JFK for a two week trip, do you recommend long term parking or car service (coming from NJ—20 mins outside Manhattan) Question 2—is your job hiring?! So jealous you get to be in Florida so much!

  • I just realized that seeing all the restaurants you’ve dined at on your vlogs, I’ve never seen you guys eat Mexican or Asian food. Not your thing?

    Loved this travel vlog. I actually am not a fan of JFK except for their food options but loved seeing your perspective and routine there.

  • Awww — the "Stanley" march was adorable. Loved the wireless charging on the table int he Sky Club, never seen that before — so cool!! Was definitely surprised how bis the Sky Club was — is that normal? I don't remember seeing that in your vlogs before. Gorgeous sunset, thanx ror sharing!

    Big hugs to both of you, and Stanley!!

  • We plan definite plans on the day of arrival. We make food reservations and fast passes! Lol

  • Left my career and been traveling the world for 4 months now!! Can’t wait to reach this point!! -Back2Life

  • This is very useful if I ever travel to New York. I’d love to try these chicken strips they look delicious.

  • We typically don’t plan anything they Day we arrive to Disney other than going to Disney Springs

  • I love a good airport ! Nice review of the airport. Looks like better food selections now, than there used to be. Thanks for sharing, love yall……Rhino & Doris

  • When I flew down last January my our flight from Albany got in around 6:30pm so my mom took my brother and I to rainforest cafe in Disney springs for dinner

  • We usually do not plan for arrival day. Of course, as I type this, we are dining late at California Grill on our arrival day to see the fireworks from their for the first time. But, there are usually walk-ins somewhere.

  • I LOVE this vlog!! Great play by play. For people who dont travel often this would be very helpful!

  • I really enjoy your travel and outside of the park videos. They are really great! Booked our Mickeys Very Merry Christmas tickets today, so I need to go back and watch your's again!