Видео путешествия

Путешествуйте по миру с одной частью ручной клади

Перспектива вашей следующей поездки — шанс сделать все это лучше. Вы можете быть организованным, экономным, мудрым, элегантным и мирским путешественником, которым вы восхищаетесь. Никогда больше не жди на выдаче багажа! Консультант по бизнес-этикету Margery Sinclair дает несколько полезных советов.

Десять принципов ведения гардероба
1. возьмите только две пары обуви; носить одну пару и упаковать одну пару.
2. Распланируйте одежду по одному базовому цвету.
3. Возьмите больше вершин, чем низов.
4. Возьмите более яркие цвета для топов и аксессуаров.



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  • I wish the hosts would shut up! why invite someone on the show and over talk her??? I hate that. 👎

  • first step is pack clean things! just like the rest; packing dirty shoes without any covers…. yuck!

  • This would not work in the UK, nor for anyone with more than a passing interest in photography. For one, the carry on/cabin bag, looks too large and heavy — there are very restrictive rules here — for instance, Thomson only allow 5kg for hand luggage! (I had to wear my cameras for a while and put the lenses, chargers and cabling in my jacket pockets and that is all I had in the cabin bag!). Most budget airlines do not allow a separate handbag/purse/laptop bag in addition to a cabin bag (carry on). For those that do, your liquids (including some solids, like lipsticks etc) need to be put in a separate, clear, ziplock, bag. Her claim that her handbag/purse would last her 48 hours is daft if she has her carry on taken off her at the gate for being too heavy — she needs spare underwear in there in case the main bag goes missing. Nice try but no cigar.

  • that bag blue one looks to heavy and to big euro zone rules carry on wheels are bad from plane to trains to cabs other counties dont have nice paved roads and some hotels no elavator i think wrong choice of bag for world travels try the red oxx skytrain or tom bihn bags max carry on bags

  • Her rules are exactly on point. I got pulled over in Israel because the airport security thought I couldn't be a tourist because I had too small a bag — Crazy!#*$
    Nice video.

  • I agree the hosts did too much talking. Margery is the guest and is more experienced in travel and travel/packing tips. Next time let her do the talking. Margery was very gracious in handling the talkative hosts.

  • Anyone know what insert bag brand, Margery was using to organize her clothes before they went into the suitcase?

  • But don't forget you need to put all your liquids and gels into a 1 quart ziplock for going through security.  Have it handy in your handbag so you can quickly pull it out.  She has it in a very inconvenient place and in a makeup bag that doesn't meet requirements.

  • Why would you use the horrible suitcases that have the handles protruding into the suitcase, thereby making it necessary to "create" a flat space instead of using the suitcases that have the handles on the outside?????

  • This was a great video, and I love learning new tips for traveling, but I do wish that the two hosts would have done less talking and let their guest talk a bit more. She seemed like she had more that she wanted to say.

  • That dumm commercial nickson or ford owes not me or Obama you people Europeans have been in debt every since the gorilla tribe 1965…. Ooh by the way ugly luggage bag lady you gone hurt yo self caring all them bags… But really there pretty cool looking.

  • I'm not sure the bag would come under the UK carry on rules, it looks way to big to me.  Great tips.

  • ok. you lost me with put the m&m at the bottom, those babies would be easy to reach and not crushed to pieces if it was me. Just saying.