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Qatar Airways A350 Qsuites из Франкфурта в Доху: лучший бизнес-класс в мире (УДИВИТЕЛЬНЫЙ!)

Присоединяйтесь ко мне на этом феноменальном рейсе Qsuite Qatar Airways на борту самолета Airbus A350-1000 из Франкфурта в Доху. Qsuite является флагманским продуктом бизнес-класса.

Прочитайте обзор этого полета в моем блоге путешествия: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2019/04/10/review-qatar-airways-qsuite/

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  • A350 is the best wide body aircraft & Q suites are one of the finest business class seats globally.
    This video was once again a very good one.

  • Regarding the length of your videos…I think there’s an argument to be held that, in some cases, some lengthy reviews should be edited. I do enjoy your videos but I’ve found a few to be too lengthy. It really depends on your message but, in the end, it’s your call. 👍😊

  • Was it weird flying backwards? I’m surprised that the seatbelts weren’t configured like the flight attendants jump seats.

  • The seats look small…and very claustrophobic. Whatever anyone says, First Class is First!

  • Can someone answer this question for me, are the design of the Business cabins 'copyrighted'/patented to prevent other airlines from taking their ideas?

  • Amazingly beautiful trip on an amazing airlines. Wish I could get one of those ..thank you to let us dream even for a few minutes!…

  • Great to see he difference with the B777. I noticed you still had the hard case amenity kit ( we had the soft kit last month ) Great to see that you have more overhead space in the A350 than onboard the B777 ) But for sure the Beste Business Class around nowadays. As I work as a journalist I love to fly as many different airlines as possible. But for sure when I have to fly Qatar, that I will have the Qsuites. But the A380 is also great with the bar onboard. Please feel free to check my flight review of Qatar ( i got about 4 of them on my youtube channel ) Well done with this report. I love watching your reports. Keep up the good work

  • *The A350 is the worlds most advanced aircraft*

    Whoa whoa whoa, that title well goes to something military, perhaps the B-2 or F-22. But Ill presume you mean Commercial….. In that case it goes to the 787 or 777x 😛

  • My wife and I recently flew LHR-DOH-BKK-DOH-LHR. This was not my first time with Qatar and was looking forward to flying with them again in their new Q Suite! It did no disappoint . The suite was amazing as was the privacy once my door was closed. We managed to book all 4 segments in the QSuite! However, on the last segment Qatar changed the aircraft from an A350 1000 to a A350 900 so my wife ended up in the 2nd cabin as we both wanted window seats and not the centre seats. the configuration is different to that of the A350 1000. Qatar has a habit (more than most airlines) to change aircraft at the last minute which is a shame. I noticed you had a Bricks amenity kit which has now been changed to their soft kits which are much better and more colourful? when did you fly with them? Thanks again for the video.

  • You called yourself a travel expert. Do you have a research papers that called the a350 is the most advance aircraft, check your facts before ok

  • Next time I go to India, I'm flying on Qatar Airways. I'll never fly on Etihad Airways, had an awful experience with that airline when I flew to India and back to Canada.