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Визит в Германию — 10 вещей, которые шокируют вас о Германии

Прочитайте блог о том, что не следует делать туристам во время посещения Германии: https://woltersworld.com/10-things-that-shock-tourists-when-they-visit-germany-for-the-1st-time/

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Направляясь в Германию и задаваясь вопросом, что может поразить Вас как туриста, путешественника или отдыхающего? Здесь у нас есть список из десяти вещей, которые ШОК туристам, когда они посещают Германию. От трещин в кровати и туалетов с полками до дружелюбных людей, которых вы никогда не ожидаете.

Снятый в Бамберге, Германия

Авторские права Марк Уолтерс 2015

Германия против США: что вы должны знать, прежде чем посетить Германию

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  • Any other Germans here besides me? 🇩🇪❤️💯. And btw, my grandfather is a nazi. Und ich schätze es nicht, wenn ppl mich einen Nazis nennen … Es ist nicht lustig.

  • If you will go ever to Bamberg again you should visit the Staffelberg it's a mountain where Celtic people once lived with cool cliffs and also a tiny cave. It's in a little city called Bad Staffelstein and there's also a thermal swimming pool with salt water it's quite relaxing! 🙂

  • I LOVE Bamberg. i lived here from 2000 to 2004 as an American soldier at Warner barracks. Some of the best years of my life!

  • Only old men wear these "typical German tourist“ outfit. I’m from the north of Germany nobody wears socks with sandals but now I’m in the US for an exchange year and everybody here in high school wears sandals or birkenstocks with socks

  • Mein Kampf isn't actually forbidden. It's just not sold because Bavaria had the copyright until 2015 and did not publish copies. The highest court in Germany, the Bundesgerichtshof , decided in 1979 that selling existing copies of Mein Kampf is not punishable.

    A year ago (in 2018), Mein Kampf (in its original and uncommented version) was put on the index of Writings Harmful to Young Persons by the government. So you will not see it in any book shops.

  • You do not joke about americans dropping nukes and their penchant for napalm and for bombing hospitals …

  • Wolter, you’ve hit the nail straight on its head with this video of yours! Couldn’t agree more.
    I especially liked your observations on the choice of clothing (i.e. sandals & vests). Hilarious! 😆

  • I don't See Anything Wrong with People Wearing Socks with their Sandals. I thought that was Normal. ; ) .

  • Der sollte mal die Toiletten bei uns aufsuchen, deren Benutzung nichts kostet, beispielsweise auf Rastlätzen der so hoch gelobten German Autobahn ! Außerdem sind die Amis äußerst erfreut und erstaunt darüber, daß es vor Juli 1776 von Menschenhand Geschaffenes gibt ! Geschockt bin ich auch, nämlich daß nur Stereotypien aufgetischt werden, die dazu noch Petitessen sind !

  • Re: your circle analogy, my boss used to describe Germans as coconuts and Americans as peaches.

  • Yes, the "poop-shelf" took some getting used to. Sorry but I don't need to "inspect my business" on every occasion, plus it invariably leaves skid marks on the "shelf". The other toilet thing I found odd was their tendency to shut the bathroom door after they leave, which means trapped smells and the mystery of is there someone in there or not? Do I knock first or just try the door and hope? Where I come from when you're inside doing your thing you lock the door, and when you're done and exit you leave the door slightly ajar.

    Also agree about the dotted vs. hard line/membrane in making friends or even deeper relationships. Americans tend to be readily accessible on a superficial level, but harder to form deeper lasting bonds, while Germans have a harder exterior, but once you're IN it's longer lasting and more sincere. I heard a saying about woman and intimacy, for example, which goes something like "American women burn hot burn fast and burn out, but German women burn warm burn slow and burn long" which I found to be quite true.

    The next thing is the perception that all Germans are cold-hearted and eternally gloomy, which is understandable on a surface level. I once spent a few months in India doing the usual cultural discovery thing and left all tanned and wearing bright colors and jewelry with an extroverted disposition, but upon arrival back "home" in northern Germany I was floored by just how contrastingly monochrome and depressing everyone seemed to be. But soon after I moved into a WG (Wohnungsgemeinschaft) communal house with a bunch of diverse young people and wow, such warmth and honest friendship — and many of them were also way into the India thing so the whole place was like a museum of travel with decor, food, incense, etc. Yeah hopefully we all go through that stage.

    The split bed — yep! My German girlfriend and I shared many a bed, including at her parents house, and another adaptation for me was the divided two-piece shoved-together bed with separate blankets and that small gap in the middle. So you end up sleeping almost "apart" and when you want to do the wild thing you have to choose sides. Actually it kind of works, especially if you like a bit of personal space and are not much of a nocturnal spooner.

    Damn, your video really makes me miss Germany 😉
    I also lived there for about 3 years (Köln, Frankfurt, and a few smaller towns in North Rhine-Westphalia)

  • #1 shocker — they love Jews, and don’t think there are enough of them living in country…

  • if you go to germany, Bamberg is as well beautiful, but you should visit Heidelberg! for me most beautiful city

  • Germany: An Afghan Migrant Asylum Seeker Repeatedly Stabbed a Pregnant Woman and Killed the Unborn Child.Bad Kreuznach, Germany: An Afghan asylum-seeker was visiting a pregnant Polish woman in a hospital, When they began to argue, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her repeatedly in the stomach, killing her unborn baby. He was arrested on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. (Need To Know News Jan. 2019)

  • As an Irish German Swiss American person , being called Nazi and kraut is standard fare. WW1 and WW2 were fairly rough for the German American community. You really had to prove you were a Yankee. Being Irish German in the Midwest is normal.

  • One time I visited the USA. And one thing shocked me, too. I wasn't in New York or LA, I was in Philadelphia, to visit Germantown.
    And nobody, really nobody spoke German. Not even in the hotels. And when you look at the architecture…I was kind of disappointed.
    I think, there is nothing older than 70 years or so. If you want to build a modern city, it's no way to pull down the old buildings.
    In Philadelphia, there was no war.

  • The shelf toilets are the single stupidest type of head. Unbelievable that dumb of a design comes out of Germany!

  • How about "surprised" instead of "shocked" It takes a bit more for people to be shocked.

  • Unbelievable: German Toilets… One more good reason, never to go to Germany, lololol…
    Of course, I am going to Germany, duh… Hahahahahaah, Germany, Germany has BEGGARS, HAHAHAH…
    I would never have believed it… What is that big fuzz thing at 5:11 and 5:12 in the video??? Looks weird???
    Some kind of Mind Control Alien???
    Vielen Dank … Viel über Deutschland und seine Kultur zu lernen …

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlWgVdrnuhU


  • This video is so informative, thank you!! Also, LOL @ "lose children, money, your father" hahaha xD

  • I don’t find Nazi jokes funny either. One time some friends and I were watching a show and there was a German guy in the show so one of my friends made a Nazi joke and I just stared at him until he shut up.

  • u might be visiting some of the "really modern cities here." and make a video like this again. bayern is just so traditional.

  • I hate it when i see how people try to be negative about us people from USA go ALWAYS to Ausschwitz just to do videos like this go to Niedersachsen Hamburg or Ankum those are BEUTIFUL village/city please visit that

  • My, I thought Americans get touchy when misrepresented by people in other countries or when they observe something that is different than their own country, you Germans have us beat after reading your comments. Relax