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# 977 Старейшие сооружения в мире — Меголитические храмы Ггантия MALTA Daily Travel Vlog (10.04.19) gozo

# 977 Старейшие сооружения в мире — Меголитические храмы Ггантия — MALTA Daily Travel Vlog (10.04.19)

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  • I go on holiday to Gozo every year. I’m from Scotland but my dad lives over there. Beautiful place. Great video.

  • I loved the Windmill! I guess I never thought about people living in them. Thanks, Jordan!!!!!!

  • Excellent! Oldest structure in world — wow! Giantess story rocks! Good tip — go off season. thanks!

  • Oh wow I’d love to go see this!
    Now I’m going to read up on this…
    Thanks Jordan for the tour such a beaut place and very interesting 👍

  • thank you jordan for taking us along do you know the name of the giantess and her baby and whom she had the baby by

  • The wide open spaces with the wind in my hair love your vlog awesome, this hasn’t got anything to do with this but while you travel who have you got to look after Jah just asking?

  • Thank you for showing viewer a special place that most of us would never see otherwise.

  • I love what you do, Jordan. I can't stand those that tear you down…..really makes me angry. You do such an awesome job with everything that you do, buddy!

  • Feel like I fell into an episode of the “land of the lost”….excellent travelogue.

  • thank you very much for this video vlog Jordan im so happy that I can get to see places through your videos

  • You should look up Cariots of the Gods on yourtube. Very interesting. It goes deeply into how the angels materialized human bodies and married human women. These women bore sons to them and they became giants in the earth. These children accomplished many great things. but when the flood came, they were wiped out. This account is found in the book of Genesis.

  • I'm sorry but that baby sleeping above you comment was so funny to me, maybe it's because I would've said the same thing too lol

  • I thought of Pompeii also, Jordan. Very very neat. Thank you for taking us along. I love seeing your travels of places with such rich and great history.

  • Awesome video and what A fantastic trip. from the super blue of the Mediterranean and such a ancient site . Best of luck your channel is great.

  • Fair play to you Jordan did you not see the workshop on popye village.where the little annimatrd men made the toys or maybe it has been closed

  • Hi Jordan, still catching up! Really fantastic as always and I appreciate all your efforts! Greetings from Illinois!

  • I hope Jordan doesn't give up on the Holly wood vlogs I think most people in the UK have seen a lot of europe.but not so much of Hollywood and it I the best. Fascinating especially the stuff about the old actors and actresses and the scandals

  • This is beyond amazing, your walking where ancient people lived. Thank you for the explore I love history of places so much to see and thank you for the popeye vlog. Windmills and lighthouses epic. Very much appreciated Jordan

  • Congrats on 60,000 subscribers. This trip has been a great series of videos. I look forward to seeing the new one everyday. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  • Thank you for sharing this amazing trip! It's nearly beyond belief what determined humans can do!

  • Thanks for all your videos and still praying for my friend may the Lord bless your trip.

  • Wow Jordan !! Thank You for sharing , I love this kind of history ! So beautiful 🌹please keep your wonderful vlogs coming 🌹

  • All your videos are super interesting keep up the great work.. Jordan you and Jah ROCK!!

  • It's so amazing how big our world is and all the islands and structures there are and villages. Just think in two thousand years what will be that structure left. Food for thought……..Thank you Jordan great ride.