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Как я путешествую по миру — не будь рабом "Нормы"

Это видео о том, как я путешествую по миру. Многие люди говорят мне, что они завидуют моим путешествиям, и говорят, что хотели бы путешествовать по миру. Моя цель в этом видео — сказать, что любой может путешествовать по миру и не позволять статус-кво заставлять вас сомневаться в своей способности путешествовать. Особенно, если вы молоды и одиноки.



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  • Right on Dude! I am 20+ years your senior and have done everything you have done while still holding a day job. Anything is possible. I love watching your travels because I have been to most all of those places. The elevator video in Hong Kong was epic! Carry on!

  • Jealous of you because of your travels?I don't see it that way!!I kind of feel sad that you run from country too country living out of a suitcase. traveling by yourself not really staying at one place for more than a few days at a time.not having that buddy or special someone with you too share all the different cultures and sites that on a daily bases you where taking in!I always felt that your calling in life was in Hawaii! The day you leave the volcano on the big island erupted!!nothing put RESPECT for you!!Absolutely hope you find in life what your chasing your a good man!!

  • Sometimes people might not be jealous of what you are doing, but of your personality type. They dream a little of being able to travel the world, but in the end they know they just aren't that type of person. They don't really want to do it enough to make it happen.

    I'm a planner myself. My idea of being spontaneous is to suddenly decide to eat out.
    But travelling the world? I Love seeing different cultures, hate travelling. You are doing the difficult part for me.

  • It appears Jeff's purpose is to encourage others to explore unlimited horizons. Yes we can!

  • I feel like all of this applies to starting my own business. "The biggest step is that first one."

  • Yeah when i went to hawaii i booked the 17 day air bnb & flight within 10 hours of leaving.

  • Totally right. I was 35 when I left home for a 1 year vacation. Now since 12 years I´m living in Thailand and got my own online business. Never would got this life without traveling.

  • Any tips on favorite airlines? I would assume you know how to pick great flights by now. I'd love to get you take on that topic.

  • When you give yourself reasons why you can't do it, you've already talked yourself out of it.

  • Jeff, while you were on this whirlwind world travel, it would've been great if you did some coverage of cryptos being used overseas. The Altcoin Buzz channel has over 220k subscribers. Holy s4*+ dude!!! You should've done double duty and reached out to the crypto community, especially your subscribers around the world. Something to think about next time when you travel again. Thanks for the virtual tours! I'm thinking about doing Porto and taking train down to Lisbon. Take care and thanks for the encouraging words!

  • Tips on saving money when going all over and maybe some things to be careful of would be great. Looking on being out there bye next summer Jeff. Possibly sooner but I'm committed so I'm just getting my Affairs in order and then I become an island native. Lol