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Самые опасные туристические направления в мире

Мир полон опасных мест, и оказывается, что некоторые люди достаточно сумасшедшие, чтобы пойти к ним добровольно. Подойдут некоторые очень опасные туристические достопримечательности.
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  • I want too go to, Devils Pool so I can get a great picture of Victoria Falls. I'm obsessed with waterfalls so it's on my bucket list to visit the beatiful waterfall.

  • Zambia is to blame for any deaths. Devil's Pool is NOT and should not be considered a tourist attraction. This is Russian Roulette with naive tourists who arent't smart enough to know better. This pool should not be accessible to anyone!!!

  • U.S. Route 2 is pretty horrible. They even have a counter now that counts how many days since the last serious accident occurred.

  • I’m more scare of the two legged animals than the situations and the nature. Avoid sketchy places at all cost is my travel motto.

  • dam.. they still didnt end the bull runs? Arent we more humane in the west nowadays? Guess not.

  • Beautiful places are the most dangerous places too. We are been attracted to it's view but we don't know what might happen to us.

  • Most dangerous place?… addiction and going back out after being clean for 5 years. It's so dangerous that sometime folks mysteriously disappear never to be heard from again!

  • What about the trail to climb the Mount Everest. Extremely dangerous to go through the Death Zone.

  • Well I wanted to go into the crocodile cage (I was even talking about it today) until you said I could get stuck….thanks a lot lol 🙄😂

  • When Aussies go to the Kokoda Trail. It’s honouring our diggers who fought there. More and more younger Aussies walk the track to get a perspective of what our Diggers went though. I wish I was fit enough to walk the trail.. So now u know why they come to do the walk. They walk as young boys but come back as men and I’m very very proud that our Diggers are kept in our hearts because of the newer generations.. my hat off to those who do the trail. Goodonyas !!