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Откройте для себя Коломбо: путешествуйте по самому быстрорастущему городу мира | Экономист

Столица Шри-Ланки создает новую идентичность. Когда-то эта островная нация была известна своей длительной гражданской войной, но теперь модельер, шеф-повар и австралийский эмигрант покажет вам, почему ее столица стала самым быстрорастущим городом в мире. Посмотрите, что они любят в этом замечательном месте.

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Паспорт — это оригинальная серия путешествий для интеллектуально и культурно любопытных, исследующих некоторые из самых интересных городских направлений в мире. Путеводитель инсайдеров по каждому городу сопровождает трех местных персонажей, рассказывающих о событиях и местах, не описанных в путеводителях.

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  • Great feature! Gotta say that Ministry of Crab is amazing, but so damn expensive compared to most restaurants in Colombo. Btw, that security guard is the worst wicket keeper of all time 😂

  • What does "fastest growing city destination in the world" mean exactly?

    This plays more like a tourism advertisement than factual reporting.

  • Colombo is a great city and Sri Lanka is a great country. Still there are many people in North America who think Sri Lanka is a part of India.

  • Why men can be bare naked in the beach, but women has to wear full garments?
    So, if I decide to go there with my wife, she will not be able to wear a bikini?

  • Looks like a shit hole to me, I will soon find out though as I'm going there in a couple of months.

  • An article that approaches the level of marketing seen in this video would not be printed in The Economist.

  • The Economist has discredited itself by joining many mainstream publications in practicing the most vile form of authoritarian censorship in the comment section of it's website.

  • Just reading the comments.. Terrible to see Srilankans fight over whos song… Whos language… Work together and Make this beautiful country the best in asia..

  • Well its abeautiful country.. No question about that.. People are friendly…. But colombo is not that clean, too much traffic, Public transport is shocking.. Get a tuk tuk with the meter or Cab to wonder around safe. Galle face green , Mt lavinia beach, Colombo 3 , Pettah.. To visit

  • Colombo appears to be a fun city- and a gourmet's paradise-someday I will visit the city-thanks for the video.

  • "It was pretty much like being a caged animal. There was so little freedom." Unbelievable. The woman saying this is Sinhalese who's lived in Colombo her whole life. Pretty sure whatever minor restriction of freedom she experienced was nothing compared to what Tamils, both in Colombo and in the north and east, went through for decades. Please don't appropriate the real sufferings of minorities oppressed by your government for yourself for cheap internet sympathies.

  • Totally thought this was about Colombia when I clicked on it. Still interesting though.

  • Well shot video, but I am assuming this is branded content paid for by Sri Lanka tourism?>

  • Fabulous account of the creativity and the unique beauty of Sri Lanka. Rightfully said, a bit of old world charm in an ultra cosmopolitan society. Well said…

  • I love Colombo, but this video makes me less likely to spend time there. The voiceover is terrible, the script is cliche and the people/scenarios are blatantly staged. Why is the Economist putting it's name to this kind of product?

  • Sri Lanka is like the nicer, friendlier, safer and cleaner version of India. I am there this winter. :)))

  • Are Sri Lankans supposed to be thankful that the English colonised their country then, since they would otherwise not have learned the game of cricket, which they are so passionate about?