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Мексика удивительна, но даже со всеми замечательными вещами, которые вы должны делать, посещая Мексику на каникулах или во время весенних каникул, есть некоторые вещи, которые вы НЕ ДЕЛАЕТЕ, когда посещаете Мексику. Вот наш список того, что вы не делаете в Мексике.
Снято в Канкуне, Мексика
Авторские права Марк Уолтерс 2017

НЕ посещать Канкун

10 вещей, которые поразят вас о Мексике

5 вещей, которые вы будете любить и ненавидеть при посещении Мексики

5 вещей, которые вы будете любить и ненавидеть в посещении Канкуна, Мексика

Что нужно знать, прежде чем посетить Мексику

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  • i grew up in mexico most of my life and played soccer outside with my friends. We always drank water from the water hose, and even when i still drink the water normally, i dont get anything. i guess im used to it

  • I haven't visited Mexico since 1982, but I see not much has changed! I had some amazing experiences in Mexico in my younger days (1960s and 70s). And I still think Mexican Spanish is Real Spanish!

  • As a Mexican here is my advice to when we go to Cancun. Don't leave the resort it's just not worth it stay in get drunk eat and have fun. The Gangs, Cartel, and even Cops will prey on you. ALWAYS Haggle no matter what, they think because you're white and have money that you are dumb enough to pay any amount. If you like a particular Server or Maid that cleans your room TIP THEM GOOD and they will hook you up with free stuff, like T-shirts or free food. If you are looking to get laid bring a girlfriend don't think cause your a white dude that chicks will flock to you if anything Hookers will scam you or give you an STD that you'll have to explain when you get home.

  • The reviews at our resort in Riviera maya "secrets akumal" everyone said the water is filtered and nobody has had issues with getting sick. Is this something to be trusted?

  • Im Mexican and I’ve visited a lot of Mexico. I’ll tell you, if you want to keep alive the traditions and the culture, go downtown and wander around the streets of the cathedral area. That’s where most of the times the real natives sell their “artesanías”. Buy it as it is. In some cases you even see them making the products. They usually have kids sitting next to them or even helping them. They live off of that. Don’t be assholes to them please.

  • If workers don’t get paid much and live off the tips, surely rather than tipping we should be doing the opposite and encouraging big hotel companies to pay staff rather than pocketing the cash for owners. The more we continue to tip the more the big owners keep.

  • But Cancun and Los Cabos are just for turists! Come on! That's not Mexico, we have better things than just those two places, be an open minded person and discover Central Mexico

  • I'm proudly Mexican, and please, please, do not speak in English our official language is Spanish, so if you're visiting my country, you have to learn our language… it's the same when we are in your country, we speak English at least we try it

  • About the tap water; (I knew about that BTW) Is it because of the amount of chemicals they use to treat it or because they don't treat it with any or very little?

  • Kidnaping tourists in Mexico is a reality. If foreigners come over to to deal drugs and not pay for them, try and have sex with minors, lose respect to the stutus quo, yes. The cartels are ready to take care of these people in no time. As I am speaking, a cartel is offering a one million pesos ransome for the whereabouts of the person who is working for Donald Trump in organizing his so called 'caravans.' Soon they will find him and slaughter his ass. I. think that is fair game.

  • Wolter, can you perhaps wear a Workers World t-shirt for the comedy of that next time? Just for a laugh, Wolter!

  • I live in Arizona and know many people from here that visited Mexico and got robbed by the cops. The cops are totally corrupt. However, I have met others that go there on a regular basis and have had no problems. It's a crap shoot that I don't play. You go there, you take your chances. Why take a chance?

  • I have been to Merida, Cancun, Mexico City, Tijuana,and Guadalajara. I was robbed at about 9:00 am, in Tijuana, 5 minutes walk the border, 1 minute walk to police station. The policeman didn't arrest the robbers. Even after months, I had them arrested One of the gangsters. They gave up finally.


  • to all the rascist gringos in the comment section your kind is not welcoem here and i hope america gets nuked.

  • The funny thing is that the amount you proposed as tip is usually the base salary for an eight hours turn. I was curious about what does a tourist recommend to visit my country, the thing about the dogs it's true, but you can also find some nice streetanimals c:

  • When I travelled to Arizona everyone everyone was like your gonna love the tacos sooo much better than taco Bell. It's gonna be out of this world! LIES! Yeah it's still delicious and amazing and all, but the cheesy gordita crunch was still the most bliss I felt biting into any taco type food even the "authentic" stuff

  • I have been to other parts Latin America. It is much better to learn some Spanish so you convey you care and respect their culture. I had random locals, look out for my safety before my high school teacher guide did. Something you don't find in people here in the USA. I always enjoyed the culture of Latin America over USA culture

  • I have never been to Mexico or even the states for that matter and i would really love to visit Mexico one day but i can help thinking about the horrible drug related violence that goes on over there is the media over portraying the violence?

  • I’ve always been afraid to go to Mexico 🇲🇽 stories from in laws. Your kids are too stinking cute

  • DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TAXI DRIVERS! I was told to do so, but it has never worked. Once I asked the guy for a lower fare, he said yes and asked me to follow him, just to point out to the bus stop. He did that in a very demeaning way, and my wife got really sad. So, don't follow his advice and don't haggle the price with taxi drivers. I would recommend to ask for the price before entering the car. Haggling works with souvenirs sellers, though, but keep in mind that although 1 extra dollar is nothing to you, it worths a lot to them.

  • Tipping 20% is a bit higher, it’s usually between 10-15% but hey if you wanna be generous then go ahead lol .

    Also because Cabo and Cancun are filled with tourist some stuff is overpriced, so if you’re buying shirts or simple things you can ask them to lower the price, but if you’re paying for a handmade object, like traditional Mexican dolls that indigenous people make, or alebrijes, etc. Then I would pay the full price because it’s supporting local people 🙂

  • love this video. However, your advise about always leaving a tip, but then haggling is a bit of a contradiction.